Onnit Quad Mace

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Over the last couple of years Onnit have produced some fantastic fitness equipment, but this one is truly something special.

The Onnit Quad Mace is a perfectly balanced 25lbs (11kg) implement with a hand-sculpted cast iron head, a naturally slip resistant ash wood handle, and a bronze locking cap. It has been rigorously tested and is able to withstand 100,000 swings with no signs of wear or stress (on the mace – not on you – pace yourself).

Mace training was originally developed in ancient Persia as a way to condition athletes for competition and warriors for battle. Onnit have built upon this foundation of movement to create a virtually limitless array of training available with this one product.

The design aesthetic was inspired by a central figure in the visionary artwork of Alex Grey with the Quad God representing the unification of the wisdom traditions of the four directions.

This is an advanced training tool and should only be used by people who have already achieved a solid fitness foundation and who are looking to up their game. The Quad Mace is not designed for slam exercises as this could potentially damage the handle.

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