Four Sigmatic Cordyceps Elixir


Boost your energy, with Four Sigmatic Cordyceps Elixir.

This drink helps boost energy levels and reduce recovery times by supporting adrenal glands and increasing oxygen intake. Each box contains 20 powder sachets that ca be added to hot water or eve blended into your favourite smoothie. Each sachet contains 1500mg of vegan source codryceps msuhrooms and is completely sugar free, with only 5 calories per serving.

This drink can be used either while doing sports to aid improved performance, or to replace a cup of coffee and achieve a similar energy boost as well as the improved concentration that comes with increased oxygen intake, but without the jitters that can accompany high caffeine intake.




The main ingredient is, of course, pure cordyceps mushroom with at least 40% polysaccharides and 15% cordycepic acid, and no starch, sugars or any fillers at all.

The cordyceps has been dual-extracted which means that all of the active water- and fat-soluble components have been made bioavailable with boiling water and alcohol. After removing the alcohol and concentrating the extract it is then spray-dried back into powder.

Cordyceps is an adaptogen, not a stimulant, so it helps you produce and maintain constant energy levels. Coffee at its worst gives you an energy spike and crash afterwards, whereas cordyceps helps your body to produce its own long-lasting energy. A compound called cordycepin is an adenosine analogue that increases the speed of ADP (adenosine diphosphate) transforming into ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Cordyceps has been shown to increase ATP-levels by up to 50%. The ATPs are coenzymes that transport energy within the cells and the increase in these gives you the energy you need.

Cordyceps is also able to increase your maximum oxygen intake (VO2 max). This is also why many asthma patients and people who have quit smoking have gotten really good results with it. Increased breathing capacity helps with all the daily tasks as well. Cordyceps is believed to be the remedy for fatigue, which is why it has also been used to recover from severe illness or surgery. Thus, it is the perfect nutrition for people whose energy levels have been down for a long period of time. Athletes also see great results in recovering from hard workouts.

Licorice root

Harmonizing and naturally sweet licorice brings an unique touch to the cordyceps mushroom. Licorice is used in more formulations than any other herb in Chinese herbalism because of its ability to enhance and smooth out the effects of other herbs and mushrooms. There is 200 mg of licorice root extract in each packet (contains only less than 0.9 mg of glycyrrhizin acid).


Delicious mint leaf is in the combo for a nice touch to the taste and for its soothing effects on the stomach.

Rose hips

Each packet has 30 mg of natural vitamin C from the rose hip extract (50% RDI), which makes it easier for your body to intake the mushrooms.


A pinch of stevia leaf extract is added for some calorie-free sweetness. The amount is less than 0.2% as it is high-quality concentrated extract without any metallic aftertaste. It is just enough to round out the flavour but not make it too sweet.


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