Onnit MCT Oil


MCT Oil is one of the fastest sources of fuel for both your body and brain.

The human body, and in particular the brain, requires healthy fats for proper functioning, and in this world of convenience we are surrounded by decidedly unhealthy fats. Eating enough of the healthier kind can prove a challenge in this time stressed world.

An MCT supplement can help satisfy that need. For high intensity athletes and those following a higher-fat, lower carbohydrate diet, MCTs can serve as a vital source of energy to fuel yourself through even the most intense workouts. Not only though can it be a vital source of energy, but it is also one of the fastest available sources of energy for both your brain and body, as there are fewer steps to convert MCT in to energy than there is with carbohydrates. This also makes it ideal for weight management as due to MCTs' natural effect on leptin receptors, it can aid in keeping you feeling full and satisfied for hours. This usually leads to a positive correlation with a lowering of the intake of overall calories, which of course, leads to weight-loss. It has also been shown to have a positive role in supporting a healthy metabolism. 

Medium Chain Fatty Acids also provide more energy than carbohydrates and can aid in high cognitive output without the energy crash. It really is quality fuel for your brain, which although weighs just 2% of your body weight, consumes 20% of your overall energy intake.

MCTs or Medium-chain triglycerides are medium chain fatty acids which are extracted from coconut oil by spinning it at high speed through a centrifuge. MCTs are efficiently utilised by the body for quick energy production, are rapidly metabolised, are not stored as fat in the body. MCTs can also have a thermogenic effect in the body.

MCT Oil and the Ketogenic Diet

MCT Oil has also become a staple of the Keto Diet for several reasons - 

  • MCT Oil is perfect for the keto diet as when metabolised, it acts more like carbs or glucose, rather than fat, which means your body naturally prefers it as its a highly available source of energy. 
  • it does not go through the lymphatic system, but instead goes straight to the liver where it is processed and has its energy released as ketones.
  •  Ketones are one of two primary sources of fuel used by the brain, and is an excellent source of clean-burning ATP energy for the body.
  • when the body is running on primarily ketones, this is when it is said to be in a state of 'ketosis'.

Lauric Acid, what is it?

Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid, or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), found in foods that contain saturated fat and constitutes the MCT's derived from coconut oil. Not only is it an excellent source of energy as explained above, but it has some incredibly beneficial effects on the body, also;

  • A nice 'bonus' effect of Lauric Acid is that it acts as an incredibly strong anti-microbial, meaning it can protect the body against contracting certain diseases, including inflammatory acne, staph infection/MRSA and candida.
  • Lauric Acid has been shown to be a heart-healthy saturated fat that doesn't have any links to cardiovascular disease.
  • it is less likely to cause obesity or lead to weight-gain than other saturated fat due to how quickly it is metabolised by the liver, thus not contributing to accumulation of fat.

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