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Proud to finally be stocking a 100% Irish made nootropic, we now bring to you Mastermind, from Revive Active.

Combining active ingredients Uridine, DHA, Choline, Zinc and vitamins B5 & B12 in a 100% natural formulation, this is the perfect school pal for students and professionals 16 years and up. Formulated in conjunction with the boffins at the University of Northumbria, Mastermind gives you excellent all-round supplementary support for cognitive function, mental performance and nervous system function.

Mastermind from Revive Active contributes to normal cognitive function and psychological function.

Mastermind Food Supplement contains the following ingredients:

Choline  – Contributes to normal homo cysteine metabolism.

Vitamin B5 – Contributes to normal mental performance.

Vitamin B12 – Contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism as well as normal functioning of nervous system and reducing tiredness & fatigue.

Zinc – Zinc contributes to normal DNA synthesis as well as normal cognitive function.

DHA – Contributes to maintenance of normal brain function.

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