Onii CBD Coffee - South American Blend 200g


South American Blend Ground Coffee with 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD per cup

In the middle of the South American rain-forest, in the heart of Colombia, coffee farmers whose ethos is focused on harvesting coffee beans in a sustainable and eco-friendly way to maintain the habitat of the local wildlife are responsible for this sweet but strong blend. 

  • Sweetness
  • Surprisingly Strong
  • Earthy Character 
  • Aromas of Caramel & Chocolate

Onii wanted to create something that gives that initial smack of deep coffee flavor to help you energize in the morning but didn't result in the jitters of a normal coffee rush. 

So, they enhanced this blend with 25mg of FULL SPECTURM, COLD PRESSED CBD PER CUP, to give you an awake focus that helps center your thoughts for the day ahead. 

Another great benefit of CBD is it's ability to to reduce some of the unwanted side-effects of caffeine such as feelings of anxiety or nausea 

Meet the day with a calm alertness and clarity. 

Each bag contains 200g of ground coffee.


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