Onii CBD Coffee - Espresso Blend 200g


Espresso Blend Ground Coffee with 25mg of Full Spectrum, Cold Pressed CBD per cup

Onii's Espresso Blend brings together the full strength of a dry-processed African Robusta with a softer, typically mellow Brazilian roast. 

  • Earthy
  • Wooden
  • Long Lasting
  • Full Strength 

Lovers of Italian coffee, check this one out! We think you will be impressed by the strength and flavor of this blend. 

Onii wanted to create something that can provide a fix to those on the go looking to get their coffee dump that wont leave your stomach upset or your hands shaking. 

Ingesting CBD can bring about longer lasting, prolonged effects when compared to other forms of consumption. So, if you're a "one strong espresso in the morning" type person this will give you your hit whilst clearing the brain fog so you can smoothly and confidently tackle the day ahead. 

Each bag contains 200g of ground coffee.


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