Onii CBD Coffee - Colombian Blend 200g


Colombian Ground Coffee with 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD per cup

Few countries in the world are more famous for their coffee than Colombia. Within Colombia, Hulia is the king of coffee regions. A mountainous land where coffee cherries grow on leafy isolated plantations. 

This Colombian Blend is nuanced. It has the coffee body you know and love, but with hints of fruit that wake up the taste buds as well as the brain.  

  • Fruity
  • Gentle
  • Crisp

High altitude coffees often have the delicate acidity of a sharp fruit. This diverse blend has an impressive aroma which your retro-nasal taste receptors will happily interpret as you swallow. 

Onii have taken this blend a step further and added 25mg of FULL SPECTRUM, COLD PRESSED CBD TO EACH CUP to give you a touch of balance and stability both mentally and physically. 

CBD in your coffee is a great way of integrating CBD into your daily routine. If you don't like the idea, or the annoyance of remembering to reach for a small vile of oil to place a few drops of a slick liquid under your tongue twice a day, we've created something much better.  Plus, nobody forgets their daily cup of coffee. 

Our Colombian blend is an any-time of the day coffee for coffee lovers. 

P.S It also makes a vibrant Iced Coffee

 Each bag contains 200g of ground coffee.



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