Four Sigmatic Peanut Butter Plant Based Protein - 10 packets


Plant-Based Protein Peanut Butter Packets (10 servings)

Sip immune and occasional stress support from 18 grams of a blend of 5 pure organic vegan proteins with a balanced amino acid profile, and a high dose of 7 amazing mushrooms and adaptogens. The only thing missing is grains, gums, and other fillers. Phew!

Four Sigmatic Peanut Butter Plant Protein

Protein with nothing to hide.

Not only is this vegan protein + mushrooms + adaptogens, but there are no grains, soy, gums, or other fillers. Rather than artificial flavors or sweeteners, real peanuts grown in the USA lend the flavor. Everything your body needs to replenish and nothing it doesn’t.

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