Bulletproof Collagelatin


Bulletproof Collagelatin

As you have probably gathered from the name, Collagelatin has two primary ingredients – collagen and gelatin. Both are derived from grass-fed, pasture raised cows to ensure the highest possible quality, and each batch will go through Bulletproof’s comprehensive laboratory testing process to ensure they are toxin and hormone free.

This dietary supplement is a bit different to a lot of other products in the market, in that it is not simply a capsule to wash down with your morning coffee…instead it is designed to be an ingredient for those who like to flex their culinary skills. Add a scoop of the powder into soups, sauces or even some jelly (or jello as our American friends call it).

In a nutshell it can be added to any hot or cold liquid and the gelatin is hydrolysed which means that it will not thicken as it cools like regular gelatin would.

Of course, if you are fairly boring you can just add a scoop to your coffee.

Adding collagen and gelatin to meals can provide a plethora of essential amino acids that are often missing in the Western diet, and this supports the body’s ability to repair and maintain healthy skin, joints and bones.

Packed with protein, Collagelatin is perfect for those looking to get some extra protein into their diet but are bored stiff eating steaks and drinking shakes. Of course, it will help if you have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the layout of a kitchen.

This is a 454g bag of Collagelatin powder, enough for plenty of culinary adventures!

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