Bulletproof Chocolate Fuel Bars – Original Dark

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Bulletproof Chocolate Fuel Bars – Original Dark

A brand-new addition to the Bulletproof range, these bars consist of 78% dark chocolate, made with Bulletproof XCT oil and non-GMO xylitol. They offer rich, smooth energy and contain zero sugar. Consider this the perfect snack to curb those chocolate cravings and keep the body going strong.

Bulletproof Chocolate Bars minimize performance-robbing toxins found in other chocolate, by carefully sourcing and lab-testing only the finest raw cacao powder, raw cacao butter and vanilla beans. Ingredients are processed at low temperatures to preserve natural flavours and nutrients.

These are no ordinary chocolate bars as they contain no added waxes or sugars, but they are not a low-calorie food; each 56g bar contains 340 calories, so they are not a dieters treat, they are a treat for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Also, they are still chocolate, so they can melt – don’t carry them around in your pocket.

Each pack contains 3 bars.

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