Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat

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The foundation to a productive day is a restful night. Sleep is often the first thing to go by the wayside when people are busy, and this is the single most counterproductive thing you can do. The Sleep Induction Mat from Bulletproof is designed to help you fall asleep faster, and achieve a deeper and more restful sleep, and as such maximise the restorative benefits.

The mat is studded with small acupressure points that will stimulate your back, easing your body into a deep state of relaxation. Simply lie the mat down on your bed or on the floor and rest your head on a pillow at the top, and allow the nodules to press into your back, spine and shoulder blades.

Lie down on the mat slowly and carefully to avoid any sudden pain or scraping of the skin. Your body will begin to release endorphins after a short while. When you are finished, roll off the mat and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Ideal time on the mat will vary from person to person. Start simply with 15 minutes lying on the mat before bed, and slowly increase the time to 30-40 minutes as you get more comfortable. Feel free to use a thin towel or t-shirt over the mat when you are first starting, as this will reduce the intensity of the initial sensation.

The first few times you use it, the pressure is intense for approximately 2 minutes. After that, your nervous system accepts the stimulus and you experience a feeling of calmness and peace. The sensation is pleasant after the first few uses. The mat is not just for helping you get to sleep.

You can also use it to:

• Relieve back tension

• Stimulate your body’s energy

• Massage your feet

• Release facial tension

• Relax your head and neck

• Upgrade digestion

• Improve healthy skin

• Mid-day recharge

The mat can also be used on the stomach, the sides of the face, or rolled up on the back of the neck.

Important Notes:  

Consult a doctor before use if pregnant.

Do not use if you have broken skin or a skin rash.

Keep away from children.

Do not slide skin against acupressure stimulators to avoid scratching skin.
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