Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Green Coffee Bean extract

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Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Green Coffee Bean extract

Four Sigmatic are already well known for their mushroom coffees, which combine the flavour and energy boosting qualities of coffee with the health benefits of super-food mushroom varieties.

As many of you may know green coffee beans, which are unroasted, are packed full of chlorogenic acids which support the human metabolism. The problem is that the roasting process removes the vast majority of these acids, but it’s the roasting process that gives coffee that flavour we all know and love. Four Sigmatic have overcome this quandary by roasting Mycotoxin free, 100% pure Arabica beans to use as the base of the coffee, extracting the chlorogenic acids from some green beans, and combining the two to create a super-coffee.

In addition to the metabolism boosting properties, Four Sigmatic have also added into the mix a dual-extracted Chaga mushroom for it’s phenomenal anti-oxidant properties, and dual extracted Maitake mushroom which can help the body regulate its sugar levels.

So this coffee is not only your morning lift, but a bit of a tune up too. Have a cup of this and your engine will be running smooth all day.

It’s a simple drink to make. Put two teaspoons of powder in a mug and add some hot water, making sure to let the water come off the boil a bit for best effect. 

Each mug contains 50mg of caffeine (versus 80-ish in a regular coffee), and 500mg of dual extracted mushrooms (versus 0 in a regular coffee!)

There are 10 servings per bag.


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