MMA Basics with Ben Forsyth

MMA Basics with Ben Forsyth

The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts is sky rocketing. There were 3 times more searches for MMA related topics on Google in Ireland during December 2015 than there were in December 2014. The two most frequently searched aspects were (of course) 'Conor McGregor' and 'UFC' but there were a lot of people looking for local clubs, so with any luck we have a new crop of fighters out there taking their first steps into MMA, inspired by the success of the groundbreakers who have gone before them.

Are you one of them?

Have you just started your MMA journey, or is it something you plan to start this year?

If so you might be interested in a series of short instructional videos that we have produced in collaboration with Kamikaze Fight Academy and fronted by IMMAF 2015 European Light Heavyweight Champion - Ben Forsyth.

We are very proud to sponsor the SBG Ireland fighter who intends to build on his very succesful 2015 as he prepares for his first Pro Fight in Liverpool on the 20th of February.

The videos focus on basic technique, and are short and simple. You need to watch them 20 times, and repeat what you are looking at 1,000,000 times...

MMA is all about movement, and good training is all about repitition, so stay with it and stay focused, and you could the next MMA Irish Superstar

Here's the first Video

We will putting the rest the of the videos on YouTube over the coming weeks so make sure that you subscribe to the channel by hitting the button below

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